R&S®ESR, the world's fastest EMI test receiver

21 Сентября 2021
Standard-compliant EMI measurements up to 6000 times faster than with other solutions. That's what you can achieve using the R&S®ESR EMI test receiver. The reason for this breath-taking speed is the instrument's time domain scan mode, an FFT-based receiver technology.
Standard-compliant EMI measurements which took hours in the past can now be completed in just seconds, saving users valuable time on the way to obtaining desired results. This measurement method offers great advantages when the DUT can only be operated for short periods for testing, e.g. in the automotive and lighting industry. Comprehensive diagnostic tools tailored to the R&S®ESR's realtime capabilities such as the spectrogram display and realtime spectrum analysis help developers detect and eliminate EMI.
The R&S®ESR also offers conventional stepped frequency scan so the user can compare with existing results. The test receiver is also a full-featured spectrum analyzer and offers proven tools such as IF analysis and time domain display, e.g. for click rate analysis.
The test receiver's application spectrum is as versatile as its diagnostics capabilities. The R&S®ESR makes it easy to perform acceptance testing (conducted or radiated) in line with EN/CISPR/FCC on modules, assemblies, household appliances, IT equipment, TVs, radios, etc. In the automotive sector, the R&S®ESR is ideal for acceptance testing of vehicles and accessories in line with automobile manufacturer guidelines, also for mobile applications thanks to the DC operation option.
The R&S®ESR is available in two different models for frequencies ranging from 10 Hz to 3 GHz or 7 GHz to meet the requirements of all users who perform EMC certification on commercial equipment.

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